Booktalk— My Parents Are Sex Maniacs by Robyn Harding

My booktalk on My Parents Are Sex Maniacs:

My Parents Are Sex Maniacs: A Highschool Horror Story
by Robyn Harding
Toronto: Annick Press, 2009
240 pp., paperback, $10.95 (Cdn.)
ISBN-13 9781554511785
Recommended for Ages 14+.

Click  here to download my booktalk card.

I have to admit that creating this book talk was difficult for me. This is the first book talk I’ve ever attempted, and the thought of  having it videotaped and posted online was slightly terrifying.  In preparing my talk, the hardest part  was paring down what I wanted to say. A lot happens in this book but I didn’t want to simply give away the entire plot. I ultimately decided to give an account of only the main plot involving Louise’s parents’ breakup and the loss of her best friend. A fallout with your best friend, dealing with divorce, and being embarrassed by your parents I felt these themes were most likely to strike a chord with teen readers.

I am not completely happy with the finished product, but I did learn a lot in the process.  I think my booktalk is a bit on the long side, and perhaps a bit too serious. Initially, I had wanted it to be more humourous, because the book is really, really funny.  Besides, it’s the funny videos that get circulated. I quickly learned however, that I am not an actress, and comedy is definitely not my forte.  My attempts at funny fell completely flat. So, I opted to go with a more straightforward approach, and hoped that my dialogue would convey the overwrought melodrama that runs throughout this book.

I’d definitely like to experiment more with the medium in the future. I’d like to learn how to punctuate points in my booktalks with music or animation. I’d also like to try some less traditional booktalk techniques, perhaps utilizing video combined with the interactivity of the web.

Not bad for a first attempt, but there is certainly room for improvement.


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  1. frostedlibrarian

    I want to read this book now! You look so professional!

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