Harlequin to Launch Teen Imprint

intertwinedQuill and Quire reports that Harlequin will launch its new imprint for teens this fall.

I’m oh-so-curious to see what they will come out with. While I’m sure there are many teens out there who are reading Harlequin’s adult lines, I’m not sure many would admit to doing so.  When I was a teenager, my grandmother’s castaway Harlequins were one of my guilty reading pleasures, but I certainly wouldn’t have been caught dead purchasing one or borrowing one from the library. It sounds like the publisher is trying to avoid this problem by distancing its teen imprint from its other lines (of which there are many) in the design and marketing of the books:

“In order to set the teen line apart from the company’s many adult lines, titles will not be stocked in Harlequin racks or in romance sections – they will be shelved in YA sections as standalone titles. Although each book will be identified as a Harlequin Teen novel by a logo on the spine, they will not have a distinct series look.”

I like that the company is soliciting input from teens on potential covers and story lines through an online focus group. It’s not something every publisher could afford to do, but Harlequin certainly has the dollars to pull it off.

A free e-book and audio book of Harlequin Teen’s first book, My Soul to Take, will be available on the company’s website in July. But personally, I can’t wait to read Gena Showalter’s September release, Intertwined. Showalter is the author of  the Nmpyh King, a book that’s become infamous in my circle of friends for reasons I won’t  reveal here. I can’t help but wonder if Intertwined will  become the YA equivalent.  🙂


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