Return of Flowers in the Attic

9781442403017I recently discovered via  the EarlyWord blog, that Simon and Schuster is releasing a bind-up of the V.C. Andrews titles  Flowers in the Attic/Petals in the Wind.  I remember reading V.C. Andrews when I was fourteen or fifteen.  The Flowers in the Attic books were something of a guilty pleasure. So bad, but so good.  Intriguing, suspenseful, and kind of creepy. They were extremely popular among my peers, mainly because they were considered forbidden. I remember the copy that circulated through my group of friends had all the dirty parts highlighted.

I wonder how my adult-self would react to these books today? I may try to get my hands on a copy of the bind-up when it’s released next month. I’m sure it would be fun to revisit these “juicy” books from my youth.


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  1. julienanscrapchik

    Yes they are definately worth a read as i’ve been working my way thru them. There is even a Pre quel book called “Garden of Shadows” which goes back in time to how Corrine was born and her family.

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