The Red Pyramid Window display at Mabel’s Fables

Today, the Quire and Quire blog shared some great photos of a window display for Rick Riordan’s new YA novel The Red Pyramid at Mabel’s Fables, one of my favourite bookstores in Toronto. I used to live right around the corner from Mabel’s. I really miss walking by the storefront everyday.

window display at mabel's fables in TorontoI’m a big fan of creative bookstore window displays and often wish I’d see more of the same kind of thing in libraries. I’m not entirely sure how that would work since window display space is typically a co-op arrangement with the publisher. (In other words, the books displayed in the window are there because the publisher has paid for them to be there.) The same thing goes for the books you see face-out or in large pyramid style displays in bookstores. I’m not sure if library wholesalers ever offer a similar kind of arrangement. Can anyone enlighten me?

In any case, I think bookstore window displays are great inspiration for library displays.  If you’re tasked with creating one, try contacting the publisher to see if they’re able to send you some marketing materials for the book (posters, bookmarks, cover blow ups) etc. Many will be happy to do so.


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