2011 Stellar Award Nominees

The winner of the 2010 Stellar award was just announced,  and the nominees for next season are here already:

  • The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong
  • Starclimber by Kenneth Oppel
  • The Apprentice’s Masterpiece by Melanie Little
  • The Lit Report by Sarah N. Harvey
  • Word Nerd by Susin Nielsen
  • Gotcha! by Shelley Hrdlitchka
  • Chanda’s Wars by Alan Stratton
  • Tales From Cook’s Cove: One For Sorrow by Mary C. Sheppard
  • Getting the Girl by Susan Juby
  • Alexandria of Africa by Eric Walters
  • My Mother is a French Fry and Further Proof of my Fuzzed-up Life by Colleen Sydor
  • Gravity Journal by Gail Sidonie Sobat
  • Lockdown by Diane Tullson

The Stellar Award committee accepts suggestions for future awards at stellaraward [at] yahoo.ca.  Keep in mind that authors must be Canadian citizens in order to be eligible.You can also sign up to be a book club leader (in British Columbia only).


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