Booklist webinar on Trends in Teen Literature: The Independent View.

I just finished watching this Booklist webinar on Trends in Teen Literature: The Independent View.

This is the first Booklist webinar I’ve watched. To be honest, I was somewhat disappointed with the first half in which 3 independent publishers (Sourcebooks, Orca, and Annick Press) discussed their new and upcoming YA titles. There was a lot of  clichéd catalogue copy and review blurbs being read aloud by some of the presenters—Boring! If you’re just going to read catalogue copy aloud, at least inject some enthusiasm into your voice.

Kudos to Rick Willis and Susan Shipton from Annick Press. Their presentation was by the far the most engaging. They gave an excellent overview of their publishing program with emphasis on their approach to publishing for teens.  I enjoyed their presentation of the titles they discussed, and was left with a good understanding of the kinds of titles Annick Press publishes for teens.

In the second half, Michael Cart spoke on Trends in YA Literature. He gave an excellent overview of the history of YA publishing,  YA imprints, YA literature awards, crossover books, sub-genres, and developing trends. I’d recommend Cart’s introduction to anyone who hasn’t a clue about YA lit and needs a quick introduction.

The webinar ends which some interesting discussion about the future of YA publishing and the changes that are occurring in the way people read.


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