Gay teen blogger takes librarians to task over LGBT lit

Librarians everywhere should take note of this guest post by 15 year-old blogger Brent over at Pinched Nerves.

Brent takes librarians to task for the lack of quality GLBTQ  lit in school and public library collections. He describes his disappointing encounters with librarians and libraries and discusses what he’d like to see in a well-rounded GLBTQ YA book collection.

Brent writes,

“The world needs more librarians who serve the purpose of finding the right book to put in the right person’s lap. Not librarians who think that they can decide what’s “inappropriate” and what’s not, based on their personal prejudices. There are tons of gay teens, struggling to find a group to fit in. LGBT YA lit helps us find out that no, we aren’t alone and no, we aren’t worthless or disgusting. It helps us discover that we are part of a group…”

It’s a very well-articulated piece and a must-read for any librarian serving teens. The discussion it has prompted in the comments section is also well worth reading.

Don’t forget to check out Brent’s LGBT YA review blog,  The Naughty Book Kitties.


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