Growing popularity of gay-themed YA

Remember Brent, the 15-year-old blogger who wrote a guest post for Pinched Nerves on his negative experiences when looking for GBLTQ-themed YA in school and public libraries. Brent is interviewed in this article on the growing popularity of gay-themed YA.

The article cites titles such as Will Grayson, Will Grayson which debuted on the NYT bestsellers list. Despite despite demand for titles with gay themes and characters, there is an “I Don’t Serve Those Teens” attitude among some librarians.

”It’s the argument that drives me crazy,” said Teri Lesesne, who teaches young adult lit in the Department of Library Science at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas.

”It’s like, `Yeah, you do.’ They might not be coming in and saying, `Hi, I’m gay or I’m bi or I’m transgender or I’m questioning my own identity,’ because they’re afraid,” she said. ”But they’re there and they’re looking for these books.”

Another librarian quoted in the article suggests that teens have been “Will and Grace-ifed.” GBLTQ lit is not just for gay teens, but for all young people.  I’d have to agree.


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  1. Great post. I agree as well. You don’t have to be gay to enjoy a GLBT book. Just like you don’t have to be a person of color to enjoy a book with ethnically diverse characters or male to enjoy action/adventure books written by men primarily for men. I think people need to realize the “target” audience isn’t the only audience reading those books.

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