About Erin

Hi! My name is Erin Walker and I’m a librarian navigating the wonderful world of public library services for children, teens, and families. I completed my MLIS at the University of Western Ontario in 2010 and I’m currently employed as a children’s librarian in a rapidly growing community north of Toronto. Before becoming a librarian, I worked in the Canadian children’s book industry as a marketing coordinator and publicist.

I’m an avid volunteer currently serving on the executives of Librarians Without Borders and CLASY (Canadian Libraries Are Serving Youth) and a Best Books for Kids and Teens selection committee. I also participate on the OLA’s White Pine Award steering committee.

In my spare time, I enjoy people watching, ice-skating, and the occasional craft project. I love pandas, blueberry pancakes, and Coronation Street. I’m not very tall but have been told I have “spectacular dimples.”

Contact Erin:

By e-mail at erinwal@gmail.com

On Twitter: @ErinWalk

This is the personal blog of Erin Walker. Any opinions expressed herein do not reflect the opinions of her employer, her colleagues, or any other organizations she is associated with.

Review Policy: 
under revision

  1. Hi Erin,
    Wow, very impressive blog! I’m going to add it to the links list on my blog… Bravo! And thanks for commenting on mine! 😀

  2. Hey Erin!

    I’m passing on an award for your blog! Take care!



  3. I’d interested in hearing about your picture book collection. How old are the books? Do you collect other items?

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